Our artists during the pandemic - Anne Sajdera

Prior to the shutdown San Francisco-based pianist/composer Anne Sajdera had recently returned from Dubai, UAE, where she performed with Indian violin virtuoso Kala Ramnath and her Global Fusion project, featuring Karina Colis (drums) from Mexico/USA, Sahba Motallebi (tar) from Iran/USA, Savani Talwalkar (tabla) from India, Mohini Dey (bass) from India, Hasini Melagama (percussion) from Sri Lanka), Suzy Eises (saxophone) from Namibia, Taif Ali Obeid (kanoon) of the UAE and Carolina Rosales (kalbeliya dance) from Chile. Scheduled to complete her third ensemble album this spring, she has used the time during the shutdown to formulate a solo piano project while she waits for studios to reopen. You can stay up-to-date on her pending releases, streaming concerts and videos by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - or support her work by clicking here to purchase a CD or album download. Enjoy!

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